Empowering Minds, Inspiring Change: Yat's Speaking Engagements

Dive into Yat's Engaging Speaking Engagements, where captivating storytelling, thought-provoking insights, and empowering messages converge to ignite transformative change.

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Speaking Engagements

Greater Vancouver Board of Trade 2nd EDI Forum
June 2023

I captivated the audience at the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade 2nd EDI Forum by courageously sharing my lived experience and vulnerabilities. The raw authenticity of my story left a profound impact, eliciting raving reviews and testimonials from attendees who praised the power of self-disclosure in the workplace, as they gained valuable insights and actionable takeaways to foster an inclusive and diverse environment.

Visit California Outlook Forum
March 2023

As a panellist and thought leader for accessible travel, I conveyed the significance of making travel inclusive. I emphasized the importance of hiring inclusively and leveraging disabled talent in destination marketing materials, encouraging destination marketing officers to tap into an untapped talent pool of diversity. My insights resonated with the audience, sparking a meaningful conversation and inspiring positive action toward creating a more accessible and inclusive travel industry.

Association of Independent Schools in New England Business Forum
April 2023

During my keynote speaking engagement with US school leaders, I presented compelling data highlighting the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities within their educational institutions. I successfully conveyed the positive outcomes of building an inclusive workplace culture by sharing impactful stories, building insightful case studies, and emphasizing the importance of cultivating a high-trust culture. The school leaders left with a deep understanding of the value of disability inclusion and were motivated to implement these principles within their schools.

Association of Consulting Engineering Companies Young Professionals
June 2023

In my keynote speech to young professionals in engineering, I empowered them with the knowledge and strategies to create accessible spaces that meet legislative requirements. By emphasizing universal design principles and principles such as "nothing about us, without us" and providing practical examples and case studies, I inspired the audience to consider accessibility an integral part of their engineering practices. The young professionals left the event equipped with actionable insights and a renewed commitment to designing inclusive spaces prioritizing accessibility for all.

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